Hydraulic groups

Hydraulic groups


  • Assortiment standard hydraulic groups with tank content of 30 up to 1500l
  • Power up to 75kW
  • Flow up to ca. 200l/min
  • Standard pressure up to 320 bar


  • Choice of standard modular designs. Custom made on request
  • High pressure (booster pumps)
  • Circulation pumps, bypass filtering, cooling, soundproof finish, etc.
  • Automation and launch


  • Cost-effective system advise in alignment with the application and specifications
  • In-house engineering with extensive experience
  • Low design costs, alle design fully in 3D
  • Design of energy efficient systems due to variable pumps and frequency regulated systems
  • Calculation and dimension of networks

VAPO builds hydraulic groups a.o. for the following industries:

  • Industry
  • Infra
  • Dredging
  • Maritime
  • Transport & loading
  • Offshore

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