With industrial projects it is crucial that systems function optimally. Products need to be manufactured as quick as possible. Processes need to be aligned well and manufacturing equipment needs to be of high and reliable quality. Unplanned downtime needs to be minimalised and products need to be designed in a way that the only need preventative maintenance.

The origin of VAPO’s hydraulic knowledge lays in the agricultural industry. With ‘respect for nature’ at the base we develop innovative hydraulic cylinders, valves, filters and complete manifolds for this industry. The modern machinery in this industry is equipped with robust, reliable and maintenance friendly components. Together with you we search for the most efficient, light weight, and energy efficient solutions to increase your production capacity.

The food industry is an industry going through an unprecedented fast revolution. The techniques and processes for processing, treating and packing of food is tested over and over again due to strict regulations. Therefore it is important to partner up with the right hydraulic partner.


  • Standard welded cylinder
  • Standard ISO6020/2 (160 bar)
  • Standard ISO6022 (250 bar)
  • Compact cylinders
  • Torque cylinders
  • Synchronisation cylinders
  • Certified cylinders
  • Cylinders with position system
  • Cylinders with eindeloopschakelaars
  • Cylinders with on-board valves
  • Servo cylinders with on-board valves / electronics
  • Oil & gas cylinders
  • Piston accumulators
  • RVS cylinders
  • Plunger cylinders
  • Press cylinders
  • Doorloop cylinders
  • Compact units
  • Manifolds
  • Explosion & saftey hydraulics
  • Assembly and piping

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