Infrastructure is all about the optimal usage of our habitat. It is only natural that hydraulic cylinders and systems for infrastructural applications need to function perfectly.

VAPO Hydraulics provides infrastructural projects with the most advanced systems and cylinders for a maximum profitability and to minimise downtime. We have our own production facilities and a 24/7 service and repair team. Worldwide. Furthermore we guide you through the design process and help you making the right choices for your system.


  • Standard ISO6022 (250 bar)
  • Certified cylinders
  • Cylinders with positioning system
  • Cylinders with eindeloopschakelaars
  • Oil & gas cylinders
  • Piston accumulators
  • Doorloopcilinders
  • Manifolds
  • Explosion & safety hydraulics
  • Automatisation and synchronisation
  • Assembly and piping

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