Assembly and piping

Assembly and piping

VAPO Hydraulics executes piping for all hydraulic applications, for both machine manufacturers and end users, for new installations, adjustments and repairs. We execute the complete installation, from the assembly of the hydraulic unit, verbruikers, piping, flushing and the commissioning. That way you are sure your system is commissioned the correct way and the oil cleanliness at the start is guaranteed.

Why choose VAPO?

  • Measuremenet of piping takes place at the start of the project
  • Prefabrication takes place in-house
  • Urgent orders can be done on the spot. VAPO has two mobile bending machines
  • All piping is mounted with high quality piping clamps or other clamps
  • When standard or welded piping isn’t possible, VAPO used screwed piping. These are adjustable in length, therefore mounting and replacing can be done fast and reliable.

Technical details assembly and piping

  • Bending and mounting of steel and stainless steel piping from Ø6 up to Ø42
  • Pipes will be deburred, mounted, gespeld and tested before commissioning. This provides you with the certainty the system is commissioned correctly and the oil cleanliness at the start is guaranteed.
  • Flushing with our own flushing units
  • CAD drawings, certifying, pressure reports and material lists with an overview of all piping can be arranged
  • Hydraulic piping with cutting ring couplings and walform possible


  • Industry
  • Infra
  • Dredging
  • Maritime
  • Transport & Loading
  • Offshore

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