In the offshore industry extreme conditions like salt water, sand, humidity and high and low temperatures cause early corrosion and mechanical wear. On top of that the hydraulic systems for this industry require extreme forces. The combination of these factors can cause major problems that lead to failing or inefficient functioning of hydraulic units.

So you require a partner with years of experience in manufacturing, maintaining and repairing offshore cylinders. A partner that takes these factors up to the smallest detail in to account. VAPO inspects your application to detect which problems could develop and proactively integrated this into the design. This results in an optimal solution with minimal downtime. We do not go for the quick fix, we solve the cause of your problem.

To limit maintenance to a minimum, we help with the selection of:

  • the correct cylinder rods
  • the bearings
  • the sealings
  • the most suitable coating system


  • Certified cylinders
  • Cylinders with positioning system
  • Cylinders with eindeloopschakelaars
  • Cylinders with stangdoorvoer
  • Cylinders with on-board valves
  • Servo cylinders with on-board valves / electronics
  • Oil & gas cylinders
  • Piston accumulators
  • Offshore cylinders
  • Compact units
  • Manifolds
  • Explosion & safety hydraulics
  • Assembly and piping

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