Automation and synchronisation

Automation and synchronisation

At VAPO Hydraulics we are specialised in customised hydraulics. Due to our extensive experience with small and larger custom made cylinders for various industries, more and more clients are asking us about automation and synchronisation of client specific systems. Our knowledge in this area enables us to accurately position and control cylinders.

Relatively simple hydraulic systems, like systems that control one or two cylinders, can be executed with standard controllers (encoders) and a PLC. The communication with the system is designed with industrial fieldbuses and/or digital I/O lines.

For more complex systems with a more accurate position control and higher speeds during synchronised movement we make us of, amongst others, the National Instruments CompactRIO platform.


  • Industry
  • Infra
  • Dredging
  • Maritime
  • Transport & Loading
  • Offshore

Case Automation & Synchronisation

Positioning of a 20t concrete elevator with a reach of 6 meter and a accuracy or 0,1mm.

The challenge
Horizontal lifting of a 20t weighing tray with liquid concrete over more than 6 meter, with the use of four hydraulic cylinders. The weight balance of the 12m tray is uneven, but still the tray has to stay horizontal with an accuracy of only 2 millimetre.

The solution
The implementation of a custom made control algorithm that controls the four hydraulic cylinders during the movement of the asymmetrical loaded 20t tray to the place of destination.

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