6 Hydraulic power packs for the steel industry

6 hydraulic power packs for the steel industry

Vapo has delivered 6 hydraulic power packs by order of Engicon nv (Geldof), supplier of integrated steel solutions for storage, handling and processing of bulk solids, liquids and gases. The 6 completely identical power packs, all with a capacity of 18.5 kW, are used for lifting silos.

Reliable solution

Lifting a silo, sometimes with a capacity of more than 1000 m3, is a challenging task. Because of the enormous size and weight, it is necessary that lifting is performed gradually and above all safely. The reliability of the power drive is of utmost importance here. This is why a hydraulic power pack, known for its smooth movement, was chosen. The silos are lifted by means of cylinders, driven by the hydraulic power packs.

The power packs are to replace a current set of power packs. Because the current set of power packs were of insufficient quality and therefore became unreliable, the customer was clear. The new set of power packs must be of high quality and extremely reliable. A solid solution with reliable quality, so that the enormous silos can be lifted safely.

6 Hydraulic power packs for the steel industry

Fast delivery with quality

In order to meet customer requirements, the power packs are designed and constructed in a modular way. The standard design and serial construction significantly shortens the assembly time. Thanks to years of experience in hydraulics, the standard design of the Vapo Powerpacks has fully been developed into a solid solution. This meant that the delivery time could be met without compromising on quality.

Modular power packs: Can be used anywhere and easy to install

The size of every silo is different. And the conditions are different too. It is therefore important that the hydraulic power packs can be used in every situation. Thanks to the skid design, the systems are compact and easy to transport and install. The system is easy to move with a forklift truck, and the welded hoisting eyes make it easy to lift with a crane.

Another advantage of the modular design is the easy installation of the power packs. For each lift operation, the hydraulic power packs are reconnected to the cylinders to be driven. The design makes it easy to connect the Vapo power packs one-to-one so that the lifting operation can start quickly.

Easy and remote control

In addition, the unit is easy to operate. After start-up of the system, the unit can be operated with a manual control panel integrated into the cabinet. It is also possible to operate the system remotely with a remote control unit.

Due to the mobile nature of the power packs and easy connection, any silo can be lifted, no matter where it is located.

Hydraulic service expert: always nearby

Even though we don’t expect it, there is a possibility that a malfunction will occur. In order to limit downtime, and potentially a dangerous situation, it is important that the malfunction is solved quickly. Due to the favorable geographical spread of the Vydraulics Group, there is always a service engineer nearby. Having a hydraulics expert within reach is therefore one of the reasons for the customer to choose Vydraulics.

Technical details powerpacks:

  • Voltage 400VAC 50Hz
  • Power electric motor: 18,5kW 1500tr/min 
  • Tank capacity: 700 L
  • Pump 45 CC/tr

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