About us

VAPO Hydraulics provides application and client specific hydraulic cylinders, systems and components. As a partner in systems we assist every client from the very first idea to realisation, installation and commissioning.

We develop hydraulic systems in line with the latest technology and for competitive pricing. We combine a well thought out design with client specific requirements.

Mission statement

Every day our team of professional and competent employees designs and services hydraulic systems and cylinders. Always keeping the application and client specific requirements in mind.

With our client orientated, dynamic strategy, good planning and modern machine park, our goal is to optimally serve our clients and provide high quality and innovative products.

Our guidance and project execution ensure that the process from inquiry to hand over is easy and satisfying to our clients, and we can keep the focus on the final product.


VAPO Hydraulics was established in 1973, a lot has happened since then.

1973 - 1980

1973 – VAPO is established by André Dewancker

1974 – VAPO focuses on the production of agricultural cylinders and components for the mobile industry.

1978 – Recruitment of Patrick Schacht

1979 – The demand for hydraulics increases enormously, therefore VAPO starts with the production of hydraulic groups.
Besides that the production for industrial applications starts and VAPO invests in machines for turning and milling.

1981 - 1990

1985 – The competition in the agricultural industry increases, VAPO is specialises more and more in the industrial sector.

1988 – Recruitment of Marc Vangheluwe

1991 - 2000

1991 – VAPO focuses on electrical controls of systems and the development of related electrical cabinets.

1997 – Patrick Schacht and Marc Vangheluwe take over VAPO and the number of employees grows to 30.

1999 – A new production facility of 1250m² is built with a lifting capacity of 10 ton, to be able to build large cylinders.

2000 – VAPO invests in the machine park and production facility
Purchase of a new CNC lathe and milling machine; teach-in lathe of 10 meter (Geminis GHT7) making it possible to also build large cylinders.

2001 - 2010

2001 – VAPO focuses on cylinders for the dredging industry

2008 – VAPO extends the production facility for cylinders and systems with 1000m²

2009 – VAPO purchases a Lagun  milling machine of 8m and a Doosan Puma CNC lathe. With cylinders a new industry is entered: the offshore

2011 - 2020

2012 – Stefanie Schacht and Steven Vangeersdaele join the VAPO management. All processes are ISO9001 certified

2013 – The system production and service relocate to the neighbouring building, Industrielaan no. 10 in Dadizele

2014 – VAPO celebrates its 40th anniversary with the purchase of a Mazak and Doosan Puma. A new property is purchased (Industrielaan nr.6) and the internal milling service moves

2015 – The old production facility is broken down and the construction of a new production facility with 2x 30ton lifting capacity and office of 2500m² starts

2016 – The new office, production facility with new automated test bench (120kW) and automated storage of 600m² is taken into service. VAPO winst the first MOP-award in the category growth and innovation.

2019 – Acquisition of Hydropack and later that year IHC Vremac, establishment of the Vydraulics group. Installation of solar panels to be self-sufficient in power. VAPO further extends with 2500m² by purchasing the neighbour and purchase of an industrial washing machine, Geminis lathe and Hwacheon and Mazak turning machine. Re-certification ISO9001:2015, start of ISO 3834 – Weld quality management system and start ISO 14001 – Environment system.

2020 – Acquisition of GDM Precision Parts and Doedijns in the Vydraulics group. Extension of the production facility with 1250m².