bridge cylinder New Lock (Nieuwe Sluis) Terneuzen

Successful test first bridge cylinder New Lock (Nieuwe Sluis) Terneuzen

The first bridge cylinder has been fully assembled and recently passed a thorough in-house pressure test. These cylinders are among the biggest cylinders ever produced by Vremac Cylinders. They are approximately 11 meters long and weigh slightly under 50 tons.

The factory acceptance test has been conducted under the supervision of all parties involved. The cylinder is observed while performing under pressure. Furthermore, a final check of the dimensions is done. We also check for any signs of oil leakage to ensure the cylinder is perfectly assembled. All in a secluded and safe testing area.

Next up, this cylinder will be conserved according to customer specifications. The cylinder will then be provided with a manifold, built by Hydropack Hydraulics and is ready for transport to Sassevaart . Cylinder number two is already lined up for final testing.

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