Hydraulic cylinders and control for lifting system on pontoon

Hydraulic cylinders and control for lifting system on pontoon

To treat (clean, paint, etc.) quaysides at the Flemish waterways a lifting systems to be used on a pontoon has been developed. Vapo Hydraulics has been asked by the mechanical constructor of this system to take care of the hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power unit. Biggest challenges within this project were the very short lead time of just under a month and being able to guarantee the safety during installation.

The hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power unit were completely designed and realised within the Vydraulics Group, this way we kept full control over the delivery times and lead time. Vapo choose to make use of standard parts out of the Vremac assortment. Pumps and valves were obtained from the components stock from Doedijns. Both choices helped to shorten the production time in a major way, without even slightly reducing the quality.

The designed lifting system makes use of two lifting cylinders on both sides of the pontoon, one telescope cylinder and one cylinder that guarantees tension on the cables during manipulations. To keep the system compact, the choice was made for a higher than usual pressure. The installation of the lifting system on the pontoon had to be planned into the smallest detail to guarantee the safety and avoid unnecessary costs. During operation the lifting system can be proportional and remote operated from a safe place on the pontoon by use of a control pendant.

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