Stainless steel cylinders

When steel hydraulic cylinders are not resistant enough for your application, VAPO offers stainless steel cylinders. With designing our stainless steel cylinders we go beyond just choosing the right material. We finish all cylinders seamless, the cylinder casing is produced out of one piece and the cylinder is bolted or screwed.

Technical details

  • High quality finishing
  • Stainless steel, variety of stainless steel possible
  • Maintenance friendly


  • Fully bolted or screwed
  • One-piece cylinder casing (seamless)
  • Stainless steel piping and valves
  • Variety of stainless steel (304, 316, 431, 329, 1.4462)


  • Cylinders for the food industry
  • Hydraulic cylinders for luxury yachts
  • Hydraulic cylinders for the pharmacy industry
  • Water hydraulic


  • Industry (Food & Pharmacy)
  • Maritime


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