Servo cylinders with on-board valves /electronics

Hydraulic cylinders of which the speed needs to be measured and adjusted continuously, make use of on-board sensors and servo valves.

The sensors and valves of our servo cylinders are placed as close as possible to the cylinder, because these cylinders are used in fast and dynamic systems where quick response time is necessary.

VAPO has already years of experience with building intelligent, high quality servo cylinders with on-board manifolds and electronics.

Technical details

  • All electronics on the cylinder
  • More energy efficient
  • Highly dynamic precise
  • Reliable


  • Simulators
  • Offshore access systems
  • Press cylinders


  • Atex or stainless steel execution
  • Redundant systems
  • Log system (distance covered, history of pressure peaks)


  • Industry
  • Maritime
  • Offshore


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