Press cylinders

The press cylinders in our array are always adjusted to the application and therefore correctly dimensioned. We keep cadence, pressure peaks, movement frequency, the chance of lateral loads, assembly and length in account.

This way VAPO creates a press cylinder that is reliable and productive. We always opt for a robust design in combination with a precise finish, to ensure the cylinder meets your expectations for 100%.

Technical details

  • All installation options possible
  • Strength and fatigue calculations
  • Pressure up to 700 bar


  • Position sensors
  • Toughened cylinder rods
  • On board valves, servo execution
  • High yield strength steel
  • Various seal concepts (heavy duty, high speed,…)
  • Extra conduction for lateral loads or extreme length


  • Presses (bale presses, shape presses, punch presses, sheet presses, veneer presses, etc.)


  • Industry


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