Plunger cylinders

Our plunger cylinders or single …. Cylinders without piston and piston seal are used in a variety of applications. This involves duw cylinders for generating extreme forces whereby the cylinder rod is withdrawn or pushed in by its own weight by parallel installed cylinders or other mechanical transmission.

We have a very modern machine park with anti-vibration tools, making it possible for us to execute deep milling. For plunger cylinder, of which the conduction in many cases is directly in the cylinder casing, this is essential. This not only makes us highly productive, but we can also deliver an extremely high quality grooves for seal and conduction banden. This improves the life time of the cylinder and prevents early leakage.

Technical details

  • Bore up to Ø1000mm and pressure up to 700 bar
  • Standard: strength and fatigue calculations, finite elements method depending on the application
  • Compact built
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple construction


  • Position sensors, eindeloopschakelaars
  • Toughened cylinder rods or various corrosion resistant rod coatings
  • High yield strength steel


  • Presses (veneer presses, sheet presses, concrete presses and bandenpersen)
  • Tensile testers


  • Industry


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