Cylinders with position sensors

Our cylinders with position sensors are hydraulic cylinders in which we implement linear position sensors to measure the linear movement, position and speed. By building a measurement system into the cylinder, not only the life time of the hydraulic cylinder is extended, but it also becomes possible to automatize processes. Furthermore the measurement equipment makes the hydraulic system a lot safer.

The build-in sensors are shock proof and precisely detect the position of the piston rod of your hydraulic cylinder. VAPO also offers log systems to monitor the covered distance of every cylinder. This way preventative maintenance can be scheduled and unplanned downtime can be avoided. 

Technical details cylinders with position sensors

  • Reliable measurement system, malfunction free
  • Precise position recognition (up to 0,005mm)
  • Seamless implementation
  • Contact free and wear resistant
  • Quick commissioning


  • Cylinders for injection moulding machines, presses, packaging machines, dragheads, bridges and locks
  • Servo cylinders
  • Synchronisation cylinders
  • Afsluitcilinders
  • Cylinders for motion compensation platforms

 Often used brands

  • Balluff BRL series
  • MTS Temposonics
  • Rota


  • High pressure locked location sensors (1000 bar)
  • Position sensors for ex-zones (explosion safe)
  • Redundant and three fault redundant position sensors for increase safety requirements
  • Possible in combination with stroke switch eindeloopschakelaars??


  • Industry
  • Dredging
  • Maritime
  • Offshore
  • Infra

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