Cylinders with on-board valves

Cylinders with on-board valves are used when space is limited, piping needs to be limited to a minimum and systems need to be positioned very precise and safe.

Piping increases the change of leakage or ruptures. Our expertise shows us that, because of the compressibility of oil, precision systems encounter problems when too much piping is used. Certain dynamic systems need  high response times and thus quick transit of directional control valves and users. In those situations, VAPO chooses to place on-board valves and integrate bore channels as much as possible in the bottom of the cylinder.  

Technical details

  • Piping is limited to a minimum
  • Leakage free
  • Solid
  • Extremely safe


  • Cylinders for safety
  • Positioning systems
  • Dynamic systems with high flow rate


  • Atex or stainless steel execution
  • Redundant systems
  • Proportional or servo valves


  • Industry
  • Maritime
  • Offshore


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