Cylinders with end stroke switch

Cylinders with end stroke switch are used in hydraulic cylinders to check pre-determined positions. In general we place these end stroke switch on the end stroke of a hydraulic cylinder. This can be done at the rod side, bottom side or a combination of the two.

By building this system into the cylinder it is possible to automatize processes and make them safer. The switches are inductive sensors that are really solid and can be very well shielded.

Technical details cylinders with end stroke switch

  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to adjust, monitor and replace
  • More cost-efficient than linear position sensors, only no continuous measurement
  • Malfunction free
  • Robust


  • Afsluitcilinders
  • Locking cylinders
  • Marine hatches
  • Cylinders for lift tables, hatch covers
  • Extraction cylinders for presses


  • Combination with position sensors
  • Piping on cylinder for cable guidance


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