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Rotary sensors

We provide a family of rotary encoders and sensors for accurate measurement of rotating positions. The rotation sensors can be supplied with an analogue, incremental or absolute single or multi turn output.

On request these sensors can be supplied in a rugged stainless steel 1.4571 housing for harsh environments such as the offshore industry. All rotary sensors are available with a wide range of constructive designs, such as shaft and hollow shaft and high resolution versions, to meet the client’s requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Product range: single / multi turn, incremental / absolute versions
  • Miniature and standard 58mm housing
  • Available in rugged and high load shaft version


  • General machine building industry
  • Test benches, laboratories and research
  • Offshore industry

Technical specifications

  • Up to 900.000 pulses per revolution
  • Outputs: Ohm, Volt, mA, fieldbus, SSI, PNP/NPN
  • Weather protection degree up to IP-67

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