Hydraulic Seated valves D7300

Pressure sensors

We supply pressure transmitters and pressure switches suitable for a wide spectrum of general applications such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. All pressure transmitters and switches are available with various options, to ensure every item meets the client requirements. Whether used in a harsh environment with extreme vibration, temperatures, relative humidity, saltwater, peak pulses or used in an explosion proof environment, there is always a suitable solution.

Features and benefits

  • Compact OEM design
  • Fit-for-purpose product range
  • Optional integrated LED display


  • General industry
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Oil & gas industry

Technical specifications

  • Pressure ranges: 0,05 – 15.000 bar
  • Outputs: Volt, mA, fieldbus, dry contact, PNP/NPN
  • Explosion proof and ships approval certification

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