Flow sensors

We provide flow sensors, transmitters and switches suitable for a wide spectrum of general applications such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. All flow sensors are available in a wide range of materials and with multiple options, to meet the client requirements. The sensors, transmitters and switches are available in paddle, turbine, gear and screw type, and variable area measurement principle. There is always a solution to suit the application, fluid and viscosity.

Features and benefits

  • Wide spectrum of measurement principles
  • Suitable for different fluids and viscosities
  • Linearity from <±0,1% of the measured value


  • General industry
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Test benches and laboratories

Technical specifications

  • Principles: paddle, turbine, positive displacement, variable area
  • Flow up to 1324 l/min
  • Pressure up to 414 bar

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