Amplifiers & controllers

We can supply hydraulic power amplifiers for proportional and servo valves. They are available in an analogue (adjustable via potentiometer) and digital version, configurable with a laptop. The digital amplifiers ensure easy diagnosis, enable detection of wiring faults and provides free configuration of the parameters.

We also can provide high dynamic closed loop controllers for pressure and flow control, pump control, synchronisation and positioning. These controllers enable easy commissioning and calibration and therefore reduce commissioning costs. Available with optional fieldbus communication.

Features and benefits

  • Wide range of hydraulic control solutions
  • Easy commissioning and start up
  • Powerful micro controller for high dynamic control


  • General hydraulic systems
  • Dynamic hydraulic control systems
  • Mobile hydraulic machinery

Technical specifications

  • Power stage up to 2,6A
  • Adjustable PWM dither and amplitude
  • Integrated voltage reference

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