Absolute Encoder

Absolute encoders you will find as a single- or multi-turn encoder with up to 30-bit total resolution, as a shaft encoder or a hollow shaft encoder with push-on or through hollow shaft . The sizes of the encoder be 36 mm to 58 mm. Shaft encoders with diameters of 6mm and 10 mm, made hollow shaft encoder with the diameters of 5 mm to 15 mm.

We offer both the data output in Gray and binary code. There are all common fieldbus interfaces such as CAN bus, PROFIBUS, ETHERNET Powerlink, INTERBUS, and SSI, parallel push-pull interfaces.

Our absolute encoder NAM/NAH in the 58 mm size is offered in a stainless steel housing. The possible protection types of encoders are IP 50 to IP 67.

The majority of our absolute encoders can in our manual encoder , in the ROBUST ENCODER SYSTEM AWG / AWS and the cable – encoders are built on and should also be operated with our display modules.


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