Standard ISO6020/2 (160 bar)

Standard ISO6020/2 (160 bar)

The hydraulic 6020/2 cylinders are suitable for industrial applications and available in various hydraulic sealing configurations. Thanks to our expertise and experience we can assemble the most suitable cylinder for the application and the desired performance.

The tie rod in these hydraulic cylinders is in accordance with the ISO 6020/2 standard (DIN 24554) and can also be used with magnetic sensors. Before delivery VAPO will always test all cylinders in accordance with ISO 10100.

Technical details ISO6020/2 cylinders

  • Every assembly possible
  • Various cylinder rods (standard, stainless steel, toughened, Nikrom)
  • Bore Ø25 up to Ø200mm
  • Pressure up to 160 bar


  • Industry
  • Transport & Loading

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